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Yoga For Kids

yogaEvery parent hopes for their child to grow up living a healthy and fulfilling life. What a child endures at a young age, shapes much of who they’ll be in the future. In order to get children into a healthy lifestyle, it is important to introduce them at a young age. While many people don’t necessarily think of yoga as an option for their child, the benefits are immense. Not only does yoga increase stability and balance in a physical sense, but mentally as well. Yoga stresses the connection between the body and mind. Yoga may be particularly helpful for children with developmental disorders such a cerebral palsy, ADHD, autism and down syndrome

Here are just a few of the benefits of yoga for children:

Mind: Yoga techniques focus on breathing, allowing you to connect each breath with a move, or in other words your mind with your body. This allows for the release of stress as well as tension. Practicing yoga allows for one to focus and concentrate, enhancing their memory as well as creativity.

Body: Yoga is a fitness activity which can help increase development in neuromuscular and vestibular systems. Yoga poses also help to increase flexibility while creating a healthy and strong body. The poses take focus and coordination which increases awareness, balance, posture and core strength.

Spirit: Yoga focuses on individuality as well as respect. Everyone is at a different level in their practice. Focusing and developing skills in yoga can help increase confidence and build one’s self-esteem. Taking part in yoga as a group enhances social interaction as well as team skills.

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