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How to Improve Your Balance – 3 Easy Exercises

As people age, they typically lose balance, strength, and flexibility. This increases their risk of falling.

That’s why it’s important for older adults to regularly do exercises that focus on improving these functional areas.

The most important thing is that you don’t fall or hurt yourself while exercising.

For safety, you should stand next to a stable chair or kitchen counter, as mentioned in the video.

For seniors with poor balance, it may be a good idea for someone to stand close by or hold on to them until you’re sure they can do it safely on their own.

We created this video with simple at-home balance exercises that help you reduce their risk of falling and feeling more confident performing everyday tasks

In this video Physical Therapist, Frank McCabe, shows you how to improve your balance. Humans rely on balance and stability to complete basic tasks. Balance training is essential for any functional exercise program.

Some benefits of balance training include:
-improves joint health
-improves ankle stability
-improves hip strength and stability
-Improves body control in unstable situations
-improves your ability to move efficiently and perform activities of daily life.
-improves focus
-improves knee alignment
-improves body control in unstable situations
-helps correct muscle imbalances
-builds confidence

Having the intention to improve your balance can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Remember that your balance can vary daily. Enjoy the process, notice the variations, and have fun with it. You can do these exercises throughout the day and find creative ways to incorporate them into your daily life.

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